Get moving….. yes I am talking to you. Life is way to short to wait on your dreams! Get moving and make it happen. Just one step a day will put you closer to your dreams everyday. Who knows you might be married next year, having a baby, dancing like Fred Aster, making the next great invention or singing on American Idol. Remember all things are possible to those who believe. Do you believe in you? I do! So get moving!

Memoirs of a Single Black Mother

Memoirs of a Single Black Mother (Excerpt 1)

It’s hard enough to see your first born go to school for the very first time.  But it is even harder to see them go away to college for the first time without you.  Just recently I had to experience such a transition.  As much as, I was excited for my son to go away to college, I was completely conflicted when the actual event took place.  Just like when he went to school for the very first time in kindergarten, I lingered on in the very essence of the space he occupied just minutes before. Wondering what was my next move…..I took in the fact that all this time I was living to take care of my children, I forgot about me! It was a stunning revelation as I stood there watching his plane slowly take off.  Once it was gone, I was still in shock and wondering what to do until I realized that there was still my 13 year old son who would definitely need my help.  And as I turned on the back of my heels to leave the airport, I couldn’t believe it….in everything I had done I had not fully lived my true authentic life.  As I made my phone calls to friends and family, I just talked about the experience I had felt as my son left for his new journey not my new revelation.  It felt strange and foreign to me, after all my son is 18 years old and I have spent 18 years helping him to grow into this individual.  


How strange I felt at this particular moment?! My eldest son was there when there was a husband and father in the home.  And he was there when that husband left and eventually the father left. It was devastating for our family but with God we were able to manage.  The after effects were hard and painful, truly it almost destroyed us but God would not let us go and we were able to make it just one more day.  Now here I was so grateful and thankful for all those many day that led to this point however conflicted because we were no longer bound by pain and disappointment; we were liberated by love, growth and hope.  


And as I headed out onto the busy street with all the travelers I realized that was it……we were not living in that place any more!  It was very foreign and a little uneasy but welcomed…..we were accomplishing living.  And because this was happening, I was able to see what my life was missing.Image

Life Advisement

Love Your Personal Life!

Me and a friend of mines conversed today and she shared a very common issue that most career professions experience.The issue is the ability to separate your career title and expectations from your everyday living. Many of us become our work and live under its expectations and demands all day and everyday. But you have the right to have a personal life filled with love, joy, peace and whatever else you want to add into it. You can make as many mistakes as you want and decide to clean up when you feel like. Don’t get me wrong I am not trying to tell you to live a life of poor integrity and character or irresponsibility but I am telling you that it is ok to live.

In your personal life, you can create your own standards and live by your own rules and expectations. It may take a little time to figure it out but you have time and in this time you may have bumps, bruises and a little pain along the way but this is just apart of life. Don’t stop living or my favorite become a workaholic to avoid dealing with your special gift of life.

The fact that we can create our own personal lives scares the living daylights out of most of us. We would prefer preexisting standards, plans or rules which leads to a life of perfection. However, this takes the fun out of discovering who we are and what we ultimately want out of life.

Me, personally, I would not change anything about my life outside of how I handled certain situations. I can look back now and know that some things would have been better if I would have just seen the situation through the other person’s point of view or just cooled down before I reacted. However even with this, everyday that I am alive I can do it all over again and so can you.

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Love and Relationships

Relationships are hard sometimes however they are worth fighting for if you and the person truly love one another or if you and your family really love each other and want to move pass previous hurts and pains. Do it all in the name of love! So what is love?

Love is patient and love is kind. Love is humble and self-controlled, looks out for the best interest of others, even-tempered and thinks the best of everyone, lives in truth, bears all things, believe all things, endures all things. Love Never Fails……

This may seem like a tall order but if we really want love we have to become better lovers. Don’t get me wrong if you are with the wrong person or if a family situation is causing you harm please do not try to put a band-aid over a bad situation. However if you find someone worth spending your life with or your family wants to move on loving one another, give them the best you, you got, and watch the love between you grow stronger over time.

Life Advisor Tina


Good Book Wednesday- God Is My CEO

God Is My CEO by Larry Julian gives great insight of how to follow God’s principles in a bottom-line world. When doing what is right vs. the numbers or leading with purpose vs. what will make money, this book gives you a timeless assessment and tools needed to make the right choices that make all the difference in having success in your business. This book is definitely a must buy. Life Advisor Tina

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Gratitude Tuesday- Live in Gratitude

In our busy lives of circumstances and situations, we can easily get lost in solving or brewing over our problems. One minute you are as happy as a lark and the next thing you know the bottom of the world has fallen from underneath your feet. You become angry, confused, bitter and even hostile to the point of being on a verge of a heart attack or stroke. So how do you stay in control of your moods and thoughts in the mist of such chaos? Live in Gratitude. Gratitude, thankfulness, gratefulness, or appreciation is a positive emotion or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive. Therefore you can express gratitude in very simple ways. For instance, when you wake up in the morning start to thank God for the simple things in life such as you are still breathing, there is the sun, the moon and the stars, having a good family, it is a brand new day and you can try life all over again, and so on. Then in the middle of the day to the same thing and before you go to bed do it again. When you create a lifestyle of gratitude nothing can throw you off because you are grounded in gratitude. And as you will see, it will be the positive things in life that keep you stable and loving life every step of the way. Life Advisor Tina