Life Advisement

Revelation Thursday- Two Things About Fear

Fear is like a venomous snake. Once it bits, the venom slowly and methodically kills off the dreams in your heart. So how do we overcome it? It is important to know, that fear feeds from what you don’t know. So whatever your dreams are, you need to get yourself educated on the matter. From fixing credit to how to have successful relationships, you can get great information on-line, at your local bookstore or library, there are tons of experts and mentors willing to help. When you do this simple step, you will dispel the myth behind your fears.

Second, get great support on your side. I am a true believer that people are more successful when they have real support. You can choose relatives, friends, experts, mentors, neighbors or even coworkers. The main point is to make sure they support you with what you are trying to do (if they don’t drop them like a bad habit because their fear will soon be your fear). Your supporters will become your cheerleaders with positive words and great suggestions of how to think outside of your own thoughts. Also they will tell you the truth, encourage you, keep you motivated and focus. Believe me when fear rears its ugly head, your support will be strong enough to combat its venom.

Just following these few steps will help you put fear under your feet and free you to live your dreams. Life Advisor Tina


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