Life Advisement

Love and Relationships

Relationships are hard sometimes however they are worth fighting for if you and the person truly love one another or if you and your family really love each other and want to move pass previous hurts and pains. Do it all in the name of love! So what is love?

Love is patient and love is kind. Love is humble and self-controlled, looks out for the best interest of others, even-tempered and thinks the best of everyone, lives in truth, bears all things, believe all things, endures all things. Love Never Fails……

This may seem like a tall order but if we really want love we have to become better lovers. Don’t get me wrong if you are with the wrong person or if a family situation is causing you harm please do not try to put a band-aid over a bad situation. However if you find someone worth spending your life with or your family wants to move on loving one another, give them the best you, you got, and watch the love between you grow stronger over time.

Life Advisor Tina


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